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Virtual Onboard Week

Datum: 9 - 13 november 2020
Starttijd: 10.00u uur
Eindtijd: 12.00u uur
Organisator: Appical
Dit is een online event.

Virtual Onboard WeekWorld’s leading Virtual Onboarding conference for HR professionals & talent acquisition leaders

Join us and discover the latest trends set to shape the future of Onboarding & HR on Monday the 9th of November until Friday the 13th of November every day at 10 AM CET until 12 AM CET for FREE! Get ready for a WEEK full of inspirational talks & exceptional virtual networking.

Stay tuned to know who will be the first confirmed speakers for Onboard Week 2020

The general topics that will be covered:

Day 1: Onboarding as part of an impactful employee journey
Day 2: Preboarding
Day 3: Personal Onboarding
Day 4: Culture Onboarding
Day 5: Reboarding

Good onboarding is more important than ever! Having a structured onboarding process for new recruits plays a vital role in the retention and engagement of your employees. An effective process allows new hires to acquire the necessary knowledge, skills and behaviors not only for their role, but in understanding what their purpose will be in the company and how they will fit in this digital new world that is 2020.

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