HRTech Event Details

HR Tech Meetup

Datum: 22 oktober 2018
Starttijd: 17:00 uur
Eindtijd: 20:00 uur
Organisator: HR Tech Meetup
Locatie: Heineken Experience

Succes Culture & Adaptive HR (UNLEASH official pre-event & HR Tech Meetup)

We are combining our next HR Tech meetup with the official pre-event for the UNLEASH conference ( The evening before this event starts (at the RAI) you are all invited to the typical Dutch environment: THE HEINEKEN EXPERIENCE. Our location for the next HR Tech meetup. It is open for everyone interested in HR Technology, HR, culture, startups and scale ups (with or without UNLEASH conference ticket).

All founders, startups and VC's participating in Unleash' disrupt and startup area will be attending.

Again we focus on meeting each other, sharing experiences (your best and your worst) and making connections, advocate your own knowledge and listen carefully to others. Small groups. Easy to connect.

Topic: How can growing companies ensure that they have and retain a success culture? When building a company, most attention goes into raising money, product, sales, and strategy. Less time, effort and skill is effectively dedicated to people and organisation.

Wendy van Ierschot will introduce the Adaptive HR model which helps to determine which focus area of the Employee Journey to pick at what growing stage of the company.

In smaller groups, you'll participate yourself and have a dialogue what combination of HR technology and human intervention works best in creating a culture for success at your company stage.
Our intent is again to get you in dialogue with each other asap, this time facilitated in a structured way.

If you know what your focus should be and what tools could possibly help it also provides more focus in attending the UNLEASH conference the next days.

And of course we will make a lot of FUN and drink BEERS ;-)

This event needs a bit more sponsoring then normal. Let us know if you want to sponsor this event.