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Bringing back the magic into the daily lives of managers

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In 2019, employees are massively turning away from careers in management: 79% have no desire to become managers. The role is perceived as being too difficult, notably due to the stress, the complexity of the administrative constraints and the lack of internal recognition.

At the same time, employees do not particularly appreciate current managerial styles: 74% of them are convinced that their managers “impose their own point of view”, and 73% say that their role has been reduced to simply “making sure that the rules are respected”. They dream of a totally different scenario where ideal managers would know how to “motivate their teams” (62%), be experts in their field of activity (49%), and be “fair and caring1”. The conclusion is plain to see: in 2019, becoming a manager is no longer perceived as a dream job. So why this disenchantment?

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Laatst gewijzigd: 3 juli 2020