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Cutting through Recruitment complexity

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The recruitment landscape is evolving at breakneck speed, and it’s now
imperative for recruiters to keep up or risk abject failure. As we’ve heard and
seen over the past few years, this is a candidate-driven market and the power
is now firmly in their hands. Employers cannot rely on just the visibility of their
advertising to draw in the talent they need. They are increasingly switching to
inbound recruiting strategies and a genuine, captivating candidate experience.

Technology plays an imperative role, with topics like automation and Artificial
Intelligence (AI) continuing to provoke debate and discussion. The pace
of innovation in recruitment tech is astonishing and will only continue to
grow. Similarly, employer brand and candidate experience mean something
completely different to a few short years ago. There are great examples
of organisations of all sizes trying new tactics and approaches and we can
definitely learn from their example.

These are exciting times, and we’re pleased to share our insight and advice for
the future with you in this insight paper.

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