HRTech Event Details

Zukunft Personal

Datum: 17 - 19 september 2019
Organisator: Spring Messe
Locatie: Keulen

Zukunft-Personal-Europe_Keynote-Mueller20th anniversary of Zukunft Personal Europe - the leading exhibition dedicated to the world of work!

Globalisation and digital transformation are changing the way we work: from personnel administration to people management, from rigid corporate structures to fluid hierarchies - a continuous "beta status" is felt everywhere. But one thing remains unchanged: humans are at the centre of this process and they are, and will remain, the most important factor for corporate success. Therefore, it is imperative that we take brave steps when shaping corporate culture and collaboration. Whether disruption or consistency is the best route depends not least on the type and size of company. What applies to multinationals and medium-sized organisations does not necessarily also apply to small companies.

Permanent beta is coupled with uncertainty: will we lose over a third of jobs to robots and will every second manager be guided by AI in a decades? Is the digital transformation already that advanced? Questions like these demonstrate how much changes in the workplace herald and reflect the future of society as a whole. The close interdependencies between private life and work are reflected not least in the search for a perfect "work-life-balance".

In this context, the leading expo event Zukunft Personal Europe has been bringing the HR community together for 20 years. As a catalyst, discussion platform and marketplace, it anchors all those who want to play an proactive and leading role in shaping the future of work - yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Dit evenement duurt 3 dagen en kaarten zijn te koop vanaf €80 per dag. Keulen is zo'n 2,5 uur rijden vanaf Utrecht met de auto, 3,5 uur met de trein.

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