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Webinar: HR of Tomorrow

Datum: 20 mei 2019
Starttijd: 15:15 uur
Eindtijd: 15:45 uur
Organisator: Talentsoft
Dit is een online event.

Talentsoft_200_89Webinar HR of Tomorrow: 5 Big Themes That Will Shape the Future of Work - MAY 20 AT 3.15 PM


The digital revolution has already drastically changed our tools and businesses, and is now changing the very notion of how we work. In the past, for workers, personal fulfilment was not necessarily a top priority. But, because almost anything is possible today, including creating your own job, finding true professional fulfilment is now something that is essential to us all.
In this live studio webinar, Alexandre Pachulski, co-founder of Talentsoft and author of Unique(s), examines the major changes expected to take place in the professional world. Pachulski explains his 5 HR trends which include topics such as rapid skill obsolescence, working with artificial intelligence while ensuring it aligns with our core values, and the need for self-discovery in the workplace.
In this webinar you''ll learn:
  • How to prepare your organisation for the future
  • How technology can help you survive the changes
  • How humans and AI can work together
Language: English