HRTech Event Details

MKB gratis toegang tot opleidingen in Cornerstone

Datum: 25 februari 2019 - 11 maart 2019
Organisator: Cornerstone OnDemand
Dit is een online event.

Speciaal voor het MKB kun je 2 weken lang gratis alle opleidingen uitproberen, die online beschikbaar zijn in Cornerstone, een wereldspeler op opleidingen gebied. Natuurlijk veel Engelstalige opleidingen, maar ook Nederlandstalig is beschikbaar. 

Why We're Celebrating

Employee development has a direct impact on your organization's performance. By investing in employee development, you can close skills gaps and engage your workforce, leading to more productive people that choose stay at your organization. Cornerstone believes that a company's talent can be the unique differentiator to drive your organization forward, and we want to help.
In celebration of Digital Learning Day, we invite you to sample Cornerstone's new Content Anytime eLearning subscriptions within our Learning Experience Platform and spread the experience with employees across your organization. From February 25 - March 11, use our complimentary portal to explore content topic areas, help employees develop new skills, and increase engagement across the globe, at scale.